Outdoor smoking only 

You will be charged an additional fee for any excessive wear and tear, and/or excessive cleaning. 
If food and/ or drinks are spilled in the hot tub, it has to be completely drained. You will be a charged a 200.00 cleaning fee , as it takes " hours " to complete. Also, it takes 6-8 hours to reheat the water, resulting in a cold tub for the next guest checking in 4 hours after you. There will be no exceptions !!!!     (as I may have to comp the guests a free night for a cold hot tub ! )


Pet Policy


Sorry we do not accepts pets . (Due to pet dander/allergies, and only several units.)

There is a 100.00 cleaning fee for those who choose to dismiss this policy, PLUS an extra 50.00 pet fee / per day of your stay.



All cancellations require a 30 day notice. If you cancel within 30 days or less, you are responsible for the entire booking amount. (However we will try our best to rebook the dates for you, refunding you the difference). If you cancel at anytime after reserving your dates, there is a 50.00 cancellation fee. In the event of a family emergency of any sort, illness, etc., you are still charged for your reservation and we will work with you on re-booking. No early check out refunds for any reason.